The Breath is your Portal to the Present Moment


You can only ever breathe in the present moment. Bringing your awareness to the breath returns you to what we call Breath Consciousness.

Breath Consciousness is simply the state of consciousness in which you, as awareness, are fully focused on what is happening right now. 

Take a deep breath through your nose.
Hold it at the top.
Sigh it out.

This sentence you are now reading is being written right now from this state of consciousness, and as an effect, it will bring you into a state of presence because your awareness is focused on it. You would not and could not be reading it if your awareness was focused elsewhere.

You are now experiencing the present moment.



This eternal, infinite moment is the only thing that has and ever will exist. The sensory circumstances within the present moment change, the breath flows in and out, the sun rises and sets, but it all exists within the present moment. Your breath is the anchor that can keep your experience focused on the present moment, and it is the portal to returning to present moment awareness when awareness strays by identifying with thoughts of the past or future, which is where the vast majority of people hold their awareness.

When you are in a state of Breath Consciousness, you have access to all of your creative potential and energy. You are connected and centered in the source of your being.

Calm, peace, tranquility.
Possibility, curiosity, creativity. 

All is available to you from the state of Breath Consciousness.


The Breath Portal course has been designed to provide you with a repeatable, consistent, expansive practice in which you can begin to cultivate greater awareness of your breath and consistently return to present moment awareness to experience Breath Consciousness and as a result live, create, and respond from this empowered state.

As you consistently pass through the portal and more of your experience becomes anchored in present moment awareness, your life will transform from within.

We are glad you have made the choice to join us in this expansion and are excited to witness your transformation.


Julian Guderley

Julian is a planetary citizen. He lived in Germany for his first 14 years, before he started broadening his horizons, knowledge, and life experience with several international exchanges. What started out as a solo mission as a 15 year old teenager traveling for a 12 months exchange program to rural Paraguay has turned into a journey of planetary cross-pollination, collaboration, collective expansion, and cooperation. Julian visited and lived in more than 60 countries so far. In 2009, lived in India, which is where Yoga and Breathwork first became an important part of his life.

Over the years Julian has received several initiations, teachings and has received direct instruction in the lineages of Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Holotropic Breathwork as well as deeply connected to indigienous teachings and plant medicine knowledge of the Mesoamerican traditions. 

Further Julian is a featured Podcast Producer, Speaker & Host. Having learned to speak 5 languages fluently before the age of 20, and having lived on several continents, his unique perspective is a rich source of ideas and inspiration in creative and regenerative processes. A source of wisdom, knowledge and embodied authenticity is what Julian nourishes from and teaches from in this course and his events.

Over the years Julian has often found himself in group collaborations, projects, and leading edge initiatives to allow for expansion of awareness and coherence. He is a member of the Design Science Studio, hosted by Buckminster Fuller Institute. Inspired by Fuller’s original Design Science Decade, the BFI has reimagined the potential of what is needed to build a new, regenerative economy that works for all of life. Julian has been a long time ally of the Le Ciel Foundation. He was a Symposium Member in 2018. Le Ciel Foundation is here to catalyse a rapid shift in paradigm, to evolve to a way of living and being based on spirituality, ecology, and oneness. Currently Julian facilitates the Holistic Visions Training Program with a group of 144 leaders from around the world.

Beyond Yoga, Breathwork and a deep connection to spirit Julian has more than fifteen years of business experience across several industries. He dedicates his time and energy to regenerative practices and clients as a Consultant & Transformational Coach.

Lance Stukaloff

Lance Stukaloff grew up in an isolated New Age spiritual community in rural Montana. Immersed in mysticism and exploration of the multidimensional vibrational nature of reality from a young age, he has since cultivated a passion for simplifying and translating spiritual concepts, making them accessible to anyone wishing to improve their experience of life.

He is certified in and teaches many forms of breathwork used to transform the body’s chemistry, mental, and emotional states, and even create transcendent experiences.

His comprehensive knowledge of esoteric traditions, holistic health protocols, and Vedic science are leveraged to bring mind, body, and spirit into balance for greater embodiment and a harmonious ascension of consciousness.

Lance also runs a successful real estate lending and investing company that is expanding into the development of intentional, regenerative communities and retreat centers.

To interact with Lance is a continual invitation into the infinite potential existing within the present moment.

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